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Printed Canvas

Gomenasai, we're still building this page...

Full details about canvas printing are coming soon, please check back with us later  :3

Canvas printing is an amazing visual medium, and we believe that it should be an affordable product for everyone and not cost you hundreds of dollars!

At we print and stretch canvas in-house. All of our wooden frames are fabricated by hand and can be custom cut to almost any size you require. We print on high quality Matt canvas, using vivid solvent inks which yields amazing color reproduction far superior to latex printing.

Canvas Type

We use high quality canvas, sourced from only from local Australian suppliers.

Our preferred media is a locally sourced 380gsm Polycotton Matt Canvas substrate which yields vivid color reproduction when used in conjunction with solvent inks.

We produce all our canvas prints using our own custom made color and media profiles, eradicating any image banding issues which commonly appear when printing canvas.

Framing & Finishing

All our canvas frames are custom made in-house and completely by hand with high quality pine wood (never factory seconds or cheap Chinese kit frames).

Because we make our frames by hand to order, we can produce any size you can imagine! One of our largest canvas frames to date is over 2.6 meters wide and 1.2 meters tall and has been moved several times without loss of shape or tension.

We brace all our canvas frame corners with 90° wooden chocks to reinforce the shape and ensure that the frame always remains square even if the work is moved frequently from house to house. We finish the rear of all our frames with canvas tape, and weight rated steel hanging wire, giving the product a neat and professional finish that's made to impress.


All of our canvas prints are quoted on a 'PER ORDER' basis as all of our sizing is custom, and therefor difficult to quote on a simple price sheet. Additionally, different coverage will be charged out at different costs, meaning some prints at the same size will cost less then others depending on how much ink needs to go down.

You will need to contact us for more detailed pricing if you are interested in purchasing canvas and we'll be happy to quote you.


Can you produce ANY size canvas?

Within reason, we can produce almost any size canvas to your specifications. To date, our largest stretched canvas is over 2.6 meters wide and 1.2 meters tall. Please note that the larger the canvas, the harder it is to tension, so there are maximum size limitations before more expensive framing methods needs to be utilized. Please contact us for more detailed information if you are looking at sizes over 1.8M on any one axis.

Can I order printed canvas that isn't stretched onto a frame (non-mounted)?

Sure. We are happy to print canvas and not frame it if you would prefer. International customers tend to favor this as it reduces shipping costs. We will send your canvas rolled up safely in a poster tube if you request that we don't stretch your canvas for you. Non-mounted canvas is quicker and easier for us to produce as it requires less labor, therefor we sell it cheaper then mounted prices.

How do you ship canvas products?

If the canvas is mounted, its sent bubble wrapped and boxed via a local courier. Choice of courier will vary depending on the size of the piece and where its going. We utilize several different carriers to transport canvas. If you are local to Brisbane, we always recommend you try and collect your canvas from our premises where possible as it will remove the cost of freight which can be significant on larger printed works. If the item is going overseas, or is too big to ship locally, it will not be mounted and will be sent in a poster tube. Shipping can be quoted at the same time when quoting your canvas print order.

How do you make your frames?

Our frames are made of pine wood. Wood is measured and cut by hand on a high speed cutoff saw and assembled with 90° wooden chocks at all corners secured by high impact staples on all sides to create strainer bars. We do not use 'kit' frames, all our frame sizes are custom.

How do you stretch your canvas?

We stretch our canvas traditionally, by hand and without the aid of machines, to create a gallery wrap finish. Canvas is attached to the strainer bars at high tension with industrial staples which are nailed by hand flush with the canvas material. Corners are folded tightly at 90° to professional gallery standards. All back canvas edges are finished with proper framing tape (not cheap gaff). We use weight rated steel wire between two mounts screwed into the rear of the frame to wire the canvas for display.