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Artist Affiliation Program

Are you an artist looking to print before a convention, expo or event?

We understand that artists in the fandom don't all make amazing margins on their artwork sales. At we strive to empower all artists in the fandom to be able to produce their drawn works in printed form at the lowest price possible.

As a member of the Artist Affiliation Program, can provide you with wholesale printing solutions in a broad range of quantities, supplied at special AAP wholesale prices which are reserved only for artists.

Our program is artist friendly. There are no minimum order quantities, no ongoing commitments, no hidden fees or terms. There is no cost to join the Artist Affiliation Program (AAP), however there is some basic prerequisite criteria you must meet in order to qualify.

Requirements in order to qualify for AAP

To qualify for our Artist Affiliation Program (AAP), you must either; (i) be an artist that produces solely their own drawn works; or (ii) be producing drawn works in collaboration with an artist or artists.

It is also a requirement that media we produce for you under AAP special pricing be intended; (i) for sale at a convention, expo or event; or, (ii) to be sold in a store, website or auction site (or similar) which you would use to sell your drawn works in the normal course of your business; or, (iii) to be utilised specifically to promote your business as an artist (i.e. free stickers you giveaway as for self promotion or as a free bonus as part of a paid purchase, etc).

We will usually offer AAP special pricing in good faith to fandom artists (We're not going to call up all the events you're going to and check you have a booth or table). However, if it becomes apparent to us that an AAP member is abusing the pricing scheme and is purchasing printing solely (or majoritively) for personal use (i.e. non-sale), they may be removed from the AAP, and we may refuse to print for them in the future, even at normal retail prices.

NOTE: AAP special pricing is not intended for the production of 'personal use' print. If you wish to purchase stickers, decals and apparel for personal use (i.e. non-sale), please explore our very competitive retail pricing in our online store.

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Artist Affiliation Program FAQ's

Why do you offer special pricing for Artists in the AAP?

At we understand just how expensive it can be to have to pre-purchase all the prints, stickers, canvas and apparel stock that you need before your next event, most of the time paying retail prices! As a small business ourselves we understand the financial hardships of starting out and strive to provide the most competitive wholesale prices for fandom artists. We do this to aid in lowering an artists pre-event investment costs and further increase the financial viability selling printed medias at these events. Through the Artist Affiliation Program we hope to empower fandom artists to provide their art to fans via new and creative visual mediums without the need for large financial commitments or overseas printing.

Are there any minimum order quantities or ongoing commitments?

We do not require an artist in the AAP to meet any minimum order quantities (MOQ). There is no obligation for an artist to order a certain number of times per year, or spend a particular amount with us. Generally however, we would anticipate an artist in the AAP to order in a reasonable quantity in order to fulfill demand at an event the are exhibiting at. For example, If an artist in the AAP only ordered one or two stickers from us, we would flag the account, and email the artist for a bit more information about the low quantities before processing the order. AAP prices are intended to help discount larger runs so that artists can buy more stock at a lower cost and maximize their returns at events by having more on hand to sell.

Does joining the AAP mean my artwork will end up on the website or on your other products?

No, we do not use AAP artist supplied artwork for our own products. Any artwork you supply to us always remains solely yours. We will print only on the products that you purchase, at the quantities that you request. We will not auction, sell, offer for sale, or in any way provide your supplied artwork or printed products (including any samples we produce for testing output quality) to anyone but yourself (or to someone you specifically authorise to act on your behalf (such as a business partner, spouse, etc). Our privacy policy further explains how we handle your supplied artwork.

Can I get AAP pricing or quotes before joining the program?

We require any artist requesting quotes or formal pricing under the APP to apply and join the AAP before they can be given access to this special pricing. There is no cost to join and you can stop using the program at anytime. You must be part of the program before you can request a AAP special price be applied to a quote. We require these measures to help prevent predatory pricing, a process where competitors undercut our lowest permissible price to try and drive small businesses like out of the industry. (After which they are free to then raise their prices again, usually higher then they were originally, now with no one to compete with). We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Do I need to be a registered business to use the AAP?

No. You don't have to be registered as a business to use the AAP. If you are a registered business, we are happy to put your business name on all invoices. Please note that Ban Kai Visual Media is a registered business and is also registered for GST. When you order from us, your invoices will include 10% GST.

Does offer credit accounts?

Sorry, we do not currently offer credit accounts, even to AAP members. All print orders must be paid for before we produce them. We don't offer credit accounts because enforcing payments on overdue accounts is both incredibly difficult and a very time consuming process. If you need to purchase print media before an event, and do not have the capital to do so, we would suggest that you use a credit card. You should seek formal financial advise before starting any line of credit.

Is their anything that you wont print?

We'll print anything (including 18+ NSFW art), provided that in our opinion, doing so does not violate Australian Law. In addition to this, we may also choose not produce anything that clearly promotes 'hate speech' (i.e. something that attacks a person or a group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity). If you're unsure about if we will print something, please email and we will be happy to answer your questions.

I'm a Fursuiter, do I qualify for AAP special pricing to promote my suit?

The AAP is designed solely to help artists deliver their works to the fandom via printed media.  You are however able to explore our very competitive retail pricing in our online store for custom stickers and apparel that you can use to promote your suit in lots of cool ways :3 

More Questions?

You may find the answers you are looking for on our Help Page, otherwise you can always email us at and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.